1. The Best Plants For Your Mississippi Landscaping Project Part 1

    As the winter season continues to chill people and landscapes across the country, many homeowners are gearing up for an action-packed spring season that includes quality garden landscaping and exterior improvements. Mississippi residents, for example, take the springtime weather as the perfect opportunity to plant new plants, install new walkways, and much more. If you’re in need of one of the t…Read More

  2. Tips To Prepare Your Sprinkler System For Winter Part 2

    As the days grow shorter and the leaves begin to fall, many people are looking forward to the holiday festivities. Some homeowners are looking forward to the lack of lawn care for their Mississippi or Tennessee home. While the colder weather is the best season for those who feel that they lack a green thumb, our sprinkler system experts are here and ready to help prepare your home for winter, prev…Read More

  3. Tips To Prepare Your Sprinkler System For Winter Part 1

    As the colder weather creeps in, homeowners everywhere are working to prepare their homes for winter. From gathering snow shovels and scrapers to fertilizing the lawn, wintertime brings with it a unique set of tasks that should be done properly to ensure an optimal outcome when the warm weather returns. Your sprinkler system is one thing that definitely requires attention to avoid a disastrous out…Read More

  4. Preparing Your Yard With Fall Lawn Care Tips Part 2

    Take care of your lawn, and it will take care of you. While this isn’t the original phrase, it is one that will be proven to be true season after season. While many homeowners see the fall as the perfect time to drop their lawn mowing duties, the falling leaves should signify that it is time to take action. Anyone looking for professional lawn care in Shelby County or DeSoto County can benefit f…Read More

  5. Preparing Your Yard With Fall Lawn Care Tips Part 1

    As summer reaches its zenith, many people are actively trying to soak up as many rays as possible before the inevitable chill arrives with the autumn season. While everyone is making their way poolside, your lawn is lying in wait for the colder months ahead. As the leaves begin to fall, it’s essential to begin taking care of your lawn properly in order to greet the spring season with a fresh, vi…Read More

  6. Summer Lawn Care Tips From Your Landscape Company Part 2

    The heat of summer brings ample sunshine and plenty of enjoyable weather. While the kids are off enjoying the pool and sun, your lawn is here, growing, strengthening, and silently waiting. Mississippi and Tennessee summers can be hard on your grass, which is why proper lawn maintenance needs to be done to ensure a happy, healthy yard. Mow It Right is proud to provide top quality lawn care to Shelb…Read More

  7. Summer Lawn Care Tips From Your Landscape Company Part 1

    As the summer enters its full majesty, the continual Mississippi heat is bearing down on your grass. While many yards carry on normally with minimal assistance, others may be in need of special attention. Those who require professional help can benefit from working with one of the top lawn care companies in the area. As a provider of quality lawn care to DeSoto County residents, Mow It Right is he…Read More

  8. The Importance Of Lawn Aeration With Your Yard Care

    Now that the summer weather is on the horizon, many proud homeowners and tenants are looking outdoors to keep their yard in immaculate condition. From proper lawn mowing and weeding to consistent watering, there are plenty of tasks that you can take on to maintain a beautiful property. Anyone seeking professional lawn care in Shelby County and beyond can benefit from our top-notch lawn maintenance…Read More

  9. The Benefits Of DeSoto County Irrigation Systems

    For many people, the thought has occurred for installing a new sprinkler system in their homes. While the convenience of this amenity is known, a number of citizens do not take the rest of the benefits attained into account. Mow It Right is your source for all things dealing with irrigation systems in DeSoto County. With a keen eye for quality and customer service, we’re dedicated to exceeding y…Read More

  10. Watching Your Trees During Winter Part 2

    For many Mississippi residents, wintertime can be fraught with frosty roads and freezing temperatures. While this season can be an inconvenience for humans, it can be a more threatening time for the plants that inhabit your landscape. If you have noticed any changes in your trees, contacting a professional arborist may be in order. Mow It Right is your provider of top-notch tree services in DeSoto…Read More