Before the spring season comes, it pays to do your research and execute proper planning to create a quality approach for your garden landscaping. Taking the time to research and plan can result in amazing outcomes, featuring colorful blossoms and dynamic hardscaping elements. Here in Mississippi, our hot and humid climate creates a unique environment for plants of all types to thrive in, giving DIY landscape artists the tools needed to create amazing outcomes. If you’re in need of professional help for your landscaping in DeSoto County, the Mow It Right team can help. Our landscape architects, designers, and installers can work with you to create an amazing display of beauty and functionality.

Mississippi can host a wide range of plant options, giving gardeners the ability to create vibrant landscapes that can make the aesthetics of their property bloom. Today, we’ll continue to discuss a few popular choices that excel in our climate. When done, be sure to reach out to our landscaping company for assistance!

Gardenia Jasminoides

This super plant has recently been adopted by committees to its unique beauty and fragrant smell. Also known as Frostproof, this gardenia features a strong resistance to colder climates. While this flower is intended for frostier climates, it is perfectly suited for temperate zones such as ours. This plant produces single or double white flowers that are known for their attractive fragrance. Gardeners love this plant for its relatively easy maintenance, as no pruning is needed for quality blossoms each season. Frostproof is a hardy plant known to be tough and adaptable for nearly any application. This flower is considered a compact gardenia, being small enough to fit into spaces where a smaller shrub is ideal.

Muhlenbergia Capillaris

Also known as Gulf muhly, this southern plant provides a unique visual element to your landscaping while requiring a full dose of sunlight. Normally consisting of long, grassy stalks and a compact frame, Gulf muhly can often be ignored in the grand scheme of your garden. However, when the fall season hits, this plant comes into full bloom with a wispy collection of pink and purple flowers. Whereas you previously had a mound of long grass, your fall landscape now holds a stunning collection of vibrant clouds that sway and flow gracefully in the breeze. Landscape artists have a wide range of uses for this flower, as Pink Muhly Grass can be used to create different displays across your property. Try placing one as a focal point in the garden or plant a row of this plant along the edge of your yard to enhance the sunset.

Rosa Radrazz

Known as a member of the Knock Out family, this rose is gaining popularity across the country for its versatility and stunning display of color. Knock Outs feature bright red flowers from spring to fall, with the colder months changing the colors to more orange hues. This rose species is very resistant to disease, making it a popular choice for a variety of locations. Landscapers also enjoy the hardiness and low maintenance of this rose.

Finding the right plants for your Mississippi garden can help to create year-round beauty. If you are planning on intensive landscaping for your DeSoto County home, our experts can help! Mow It Right features quality landscaping services and lawn care to Mississippi and Tennessee homes. Contact us today to learn more about our quality services!