hardscaping to make your lawn shine


Last week, we dove into the benefits of hardscaping and hiring a professional to accomplish that landscaping appropriately. Creating a cohesive, beautiful yard can result in many favorable gains for you as the homeowner. Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul or a simple garden design, Mow It Right can help. We are your landscaping experts in the DeSoto area. Our professionalism and focus on customer satisfaction are what puts us at the top of the landscape companies list. If you have a hardscaping need, we have the solution. Today we’ll finish up our examination of the benefits hardscaping has to offer.


Minimal Maintenance


As a general statement, we can say that putting hardscape features into your yard will decrease the amount of energy you need to put into keeping things beautiful. Installing a concrete patio or incorporating rocks into your scenery can cut down on mowing and watering costs. However, this certainly does not mean we are advocating for a xeriscape setup. Incorporating flowers and other vegetation will lend to the overall natural beauty of your yard. Remember, it’s all about balance. You want to maintain landscape maintenance while keeping maximum aesthetic beauty. We want you to have the best of both worlds. A huge positive for hardscaping is the longevity of the product. Hardscaping is considered a long-term investment that should last for years with minimal effort. We work to ensure that your new landscape is worth every penny.


Increase Home Value


First impressions are a big deal. This is equally true when determining the value of your home. Having a well maintained, beautiful property will lead to more equity in your future. Not only does an awesome landscape give the impression of a well-maintained estate, it also increases buyer demand. People shopping for a home will be on the lookout for unique features in houses that they can claim as their own. Having a beautiful, efficient yard can help give you the edge in the house selling market. People who have no plans on moving in the near future can still reap the benefits later.


Space Management


The prospect of hardscaping can be intimidating for the discerning shopper. However, a key benefit of this service is that you can utilize your yard’s space better. Having pathways, stones, and sidewalks will increase access to landscape features year round. If you’ve hired a credible landscape designer (i.e. us!), then your private space will be expertly set up to increase space efficiency. Having patios, stairs, and walls will help organize the natural beauty and lead to a more user-friendly experience. Every square foot of your yard can be used to add to the beauty of your property. Don’t let that space go to waste — let us handle the dirty work so you can enjoy the benefits!


Proper landscaping can be hugely beneficial for you and your home. Having the ability to change your surroundings for maximum comfort and practicality is what we’re going for. From cost efficiency to pragmatic water usage, professional landscape planning can be well worth the time and cost. Let the experts here at Mow It Right show you how we can help turn your open space into a relaxing sanctuary. Hardscaping can be seen as an art. Contact us to see how our artists can beautify your place today!