Your yard is your sanctuary. Hiring the landscaping company with the skills and experience to maximize the potential of your sanctuary can pay off tenfold. Mow It Right has been doing just that for DeSoto and Shelby county for more than years. When it comes to hardscaping, we have the skillset and game plan you need to change your outdoor space. Don’t know the benefits? Don’t know what to change? We can help!


Expert Assistance


Hiring a landscape designer can save you big in the money and headache departments. Hardscape experts are knowledgeable about the dozens of details and factors that go into transforming your backyard. With the right tools and an eye on design, a landscape architect can create a beautiful lawn that matches your lifestyle. Hiring an expert can really be beneficial in the long run. Having professionals work on the project means you won’t have to worry about the proper amount of supplies or the hassle of finding free time to get the job done. Professionals also offer something that your neighbor or cousin can’t — a quality guarantee. No more crossing fingers until the job is done. With Mow It Right, you’ll be amazed by the results!


Proper Drainage


One of the most common issues we see here is the improper placement of drains. Any change to your yard’s geography can lead to potential issues with drainage. Mow It Right has the expertise to maximize your yard’s efficiency with incoming moisture. Mississippi receives almost sixty inches of rainfall a year. The benefit of proper drainage is two-fold — water is evacuated in a way that preserves the integrity of your landscaping, and it can also save you money in water costs. Instead of simply transporting water off site, a well-made yard can utilize that rainwater to hydrate all of the living aspects of said yard. This equates to less demand for watering the greens and it prevents high water costs and empty wallets.


The process of hardscaping can seem challenging and intense. Yes, there are a lot of factors that go into proper yard design. There is no need to worry, though. Mow It Right has trained professionals who are ready to help maximize the potential of your yard. Next week, we’ll continue to look at the benefits of utilizing hardscapes to make your life better. Making an investment in your outdoor living area can pay off in spades. Contact us today to see how we can transform your castle!