proper lawn care makes a big difference


Everyone knows that the secret to having a beautiful yard rests in proper lawn care. Regular lawn mowing can be very beneficial for the appearance of your house. Mow It Right is your lawn care professional and is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction through our expert knowledge and fantastic customer service. We offer solutions for all of your landscaping needs around DeSoto county. When it comes to professional lawn mowing services, we don’t mess around. Having a happy, healthy yard is a major part of our focus. But why is regular lawn maintenance so important?


To begin with, mowing your yard is wonderful for aesthetic purposes. The respect that a well-manicured lawn demands cannot be denied. Mowing regularly can keep the beauty of your home and business intact with less effort than many people think. Many people judge a house or business on the outside quality of that building. Having long, unkempt grass can damage first impressions for you. Don’t let that happen! A quick stop from Mow It Right can do wonders for the visual value of your place. A bonus to the appearance of a well-manicured lawn is the overall safety of your yard. Having objects hidden in long grass can be hazardous to all parties. Simply cutting the grass down and keeping the lawn clear can do wonders for your peace of mind.


Beyond the cosmetic value of proper lawn care is the health benefits for your grass. The turf around your place relies on sunshine and water to grow and be healthy. If your grass is long and wiley, the balance of moisture and photosynthesis suffers. Mowing the grass keeps the blades short and uniform. This allows for maximum efficiency for both ingredients. The result? Greener grass that requires less water to be healthy.


Another benefit from regular lawn mowing comes from survival of the fittest. The process of mowing leaves the strongest shoots of grass standing in the ground. The weaker shoots are pulled and often used as a sort of mulch that can feed and revitalize your lawn. Their stronger counterparts will reproduce, leading to a stronger, greener yard.


As your lawn care service experts, Mow It Right strives to treat your lawn in a way that gives it the best constitution against the unknown. Properly mowed and fed lawns will stand up better to unpredictable weather. A sudden freeze or flood condition will be the nail in the coffin for weak, dried out lawns. Strong grass will hold up better and require much less effort in the lawn repair process.


The beauty of your home or business can rely heavily on how beautiful your lawn looks. Mowing the yard can be the first step in keeping a green, consistent outdoor space. Mow It Right offers full lawn care services to ensure your home is getting the maximum attention to achieve maximum beauty. Our experts know the science behind your turf and can work to maintain a healthy, thriving lawn. Contact us today to see the grass can always be greener on your side!