Where we put you first — every time


At Mow It Right, we are passionate about what we do and dedicated to providing our clients with the kind of service that doesn’t go unnoticed. It is because of this commitment that we have become the Top Rated Local® lawn care company in both Desoto and Shelby Counties, and why we have one of the lowest client turnover rates in the area. Since we started, we set ourselves apart through our experience, our customer service, our products, our reliability, and our ability to produce results that exceed our clients’ expectations.


Our Lawn Care Experience


We formed Mow It Right in 2009 as a team of industry professionals who were all experts in the fundamental areas of lawn care and service. Our initial team had more than 25 years of experience and every person had the same mission – to make lawn services hassle-free, affordable, and trustworthy again, with results that impressed. Our experience doesn’t only consist of years of mowing. Instead, it consists of learning, researching, and applying the latest and best techniques so that we can truly learn and grow as a company.


Our Dedication to You


There is no doubt that our customers love the service we provide, and that is because we go above and beyond, even on the simplest tasks, to give them a quality that lasts season after season. However, our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction doesn’t stop there. Every member of our team is passionate about truly listening to their clients, being punctual, reliable, and answering our phone when you need us.


Our Products and Equipment


We spend ample time researching the latest equipment, the industry-leading products, and the impact both have on lawns, particularly in this area. After all, a fertilizer that does wonders to Minnesota lawns is not going to cut it for your Mississippi landscape. Because we are local, we understand the southern climate better than national chains, and can give you a service that stands out from the rest.


Our Reliability


We pride ourselves on being punctual, but our reliability extends far past that. We are locally owned and operated, licensed, bonded, and insured, and all of our technicians are trained in-house. This means that when we send someone to your home or commercial space, you know you are getting someone with a Mow It Right seal of approval. Lastly, our reliable, accurate, safe, and hassle-free billing system will have you resting easy knowing your personal information is in good hands.


Our Results


We do what we do for results. The best customer service in the world would mean nothing if your lawn stayed brown all season long. That is why we are dedicated to making sure that we are doing everything we can to make your landscape stunning. It’s just that simple.
When it comes to your lawn care company, you don’t have to make compromises. Invest in the company that is invested in you, and contact Mow It Right today!