As summer reaches its zenith, many people are actively trying to soak up as many rays as possible before the inevitable chill arrives with the autumn season. While everyone is making their way poolside, your lawn is lying in wait for the colder months ahead. As the leaves begin to fall, it’s essential to begin taking care of your lawn properly in order to greet the spring season with a fresh, vibrant yard that is sure to impress the neighbors. Anyone in need of professional lawn care in Shelby County can benefit when they hire on Mow It Right. Since 2009, our lawn maintenance experts have worked diligently to provide a wide variety of lawn services to Memphis, Cordova, Arlington, and beyond. We strive to help our clients maintain a happy, healthy property across Tennessee and Mississippi, and we’re here to help you in any capacity that we can!

Today, we’ll begin to take a look at a few crucial fall lawn care tips that can prove very beneficial for your grass once the freezing weather recedes. Those who require quality lawn care services can benefit from contacting us today!

Continuing Lawn Mowing

We understand that many people are eager to stop their home’s lawn mowing services, yet it is important to continue to mow throughout the fall season. Abandoning your yard now can result in tall, dense grass, which can be very destructive to your yard once the snow and frost set in. As the weather begins to turn towards winter, it can be helpful to cut the grass considerably shorter. Doing so for your last couple of mowings can open up vital sunlight for the crowns of the grass. Cutting the grass considerably shorter all at once can be harmful, so be sure to plan ahead! Remember that each cut should only reduce the height of your grass by one-third. Doing so will reduce the burden on your grass while optimizing its ability to soak up the sun during the winter months.

Watering Carefully

One area that many Tennessee residents struggle with during the fall is regulating exactly how much water their lawn should receive. The combination of cooler temperatures and usually increased moisture content typically leads to homeowners overwatering their grass. This can be harmful for your lawn, resulting in unhealthy stalks to fungal issues. Regardless of the weather, be mindful of rainfall and dry periods, watering as needed to ensure an optimal level. One inch of water per week is a general rule of thumb to use, but pay attention to the health and color of your grass!

Aerating Effectively

The fall season represents an optimal time to aerate your lawn. Lawns that are hard, pool water, and fail to yield productive growth are perfect candidates for aeration, where giving the grass space to breathe can produce amazing results. Don’t want to take this on yourself? Mow It Right can help!

Taking care of your yard as the leaves begin to fall can set the stage for a vibrant, lush display for the next growing season. Next time, we’ll look at a few more fall maintenance tips to keep your yard happy and healthy. Mow It Right is here to help clients be proud of their grass, from regular lawn maintenance to tree trimming, landscaping, and more. If you are looking for top-quality lawn care in Shelby County, be sure to contact us today to learn more about our company!