Take care of your lawn, and it will take care of you. While this isn’t the original phrase, it is one that will be proven to be true season after season. While many homeowners see the fall as the perfect time to drop their lawn mowing duties, the falling leaves should signify that it is time to take action. Anyone looking for professional lawn care in Shelby County or DeSoto County can benefit from working with Mow It Right. Our lawn maintenance experts provide the comprehensive coverage needed for customers across Tennessee and Mississippi. From certified tree services to reliable irrigation systems, our landscapers do it all!

While our lawn care company is here to help with your property’s exterior, we understand that many people like to get the job done themselves. Today, we’ll continue to look at fall lawn care tips that may prove helpful in delivering a green yard come springtime.

Removing Leaves

While everyone hates raking leaves, it’s essential that you do so in order to avoid ugly outcomes once the snow recedes. It’s important to remove all of the leaves in your lawn in short order. Waiting until all of the leaves fall can prove to be damaging, as the fallen ones will begin to stick together and create a wet surface that can stifle and suffocate your grass. Without proper oxygen and constant contact with wet, degrading plant life, your yard will be at a high risk for a fungal disease. If left until the spring, the combined rot and suffocation can result in a yard that is in worse shape than ever!

Removing Weeds

Those pesky weeds that mar your landscaping are unsightly, and left in place, they will dry out your grass as well. With the cold weather moving in, the weeds will be in rapid search of moisture. This alone can do enough damage, and when you factor in select varieties of weeds that grow and suffocate grass, it’s easy to see why taking action in the fall is important. Be sure to spray a safe weed killer on these plants and let time do the rest.

Fall Fertilization Utilization

Fall happens to be the best time of year to fertilize your yard. With the onset of cooler weather, your grass will begin to slow down its growth rate. Below the surface, though, the roots will continue to grow quickly. Supplying much-needed nutrients now can result in a much healthier lawn in the spring. The fertilizer will promote deep root growth and reinforcement, making the grass stronger once it resumes full strength.

Repairing Bald Spots

One task that can quickly remedy ugly bald spots in your yard is to seed it in addition to using fertilizer. Be sure to prep the area by raking it in order to break apart the soil. After the surface is loosened, add your seed mixture and water consistently for a couple of weeks. Once winter arrives, your yard’s bald spots should be in the process of planting and growing, resulting in a full, lush lawn once spring arrives.

Taking care of your yard in the fall should yield amazing results come springtime. Mow It Right is here to be your source for the best lawn care in Shelby County, delivering the weed and lawn mowing services you need to keep your yard happy and healthy. Contact us today to learn more about our lawn services or to receive a quote on your property!