For many people, the thought has occurred for installing a new sprinkler system in their homes. While the convenience of this amenity is known, a number of citizens do not take the rest of the benefits attained into account. Mow It Right is your source for all things dealing with irrigation systems in DeSoto County. With a keen eye for quality and customer service, we’re dedicated to exceeding your high expectations. We offer a host of irrigation services and are ready to improve your home’s exterior beauty. Today, we’ll look at how professionally designed and install sprinkler systems can transform your yard!

Saves Water

Proper sprinkler system design takes a host of factors under consideration. Our automated sprinkler systems offer precision watering for all grass and plants. Watering by hand can actually lead to a huge percentage of water waste (as much as half of the water used!). The human method is often inconsistent, delivering too much moisture to some areas while not saturating other areas enough. The result of this instability is loss of water through runoff. Another issue that affects residents is water loss through evaporation. Heat and wind can work to reduce the volume and effectiveness of your H2O in a hurry! This will help to reduce the strain on your wallet, as well as the environment.

Saves Money

While the initial reaction to a sprinkler system install is that it’s costly, we tend to disagree! While there is an upfront cost for supplies and manpower, the economical aspect will pay off in the long run. Going on vacation? Paying a friend or young relative to come take care of the lawn can be a nuisance. Using an automated system will prevent the need for stress and payment the next time you’re out of town! Using your water effectively and efficiently will also lead to a noticeable drop in the water bill. Not only will you be saving on water costs, your yard will look better as well! Supplying light, consistent moisture is conducive for growth and typically leads to a more lush, vibrant host of plant life. Watering the grass by hand can lead to dead spots and even more weeds, which can both cost money when you’re at the store looking for a solution!

Saves Time

For many Americans, the mantra “time is money” is in daily vernacular use. Here at Mow It Right, we understand the desire to maximize your freetime when not working away at the office. Time is valuable, and utilizing a sprinkler system will help! Setting the system to your exact specifications will offer the peace of mind for your yard while you’re off enjoying time with other activities. Don’t get stuck standing in the yard for an underdetermined amount of time; upgrade now and save!

With so many benefits, it should be easy to see why we’re excited about automated sprinkler systems. Mow It Right offers a comprehensive list of services, from maintenance to sprinkler system repairs. If you’re interested in installation or service of irrigation systems for your DeSoto County home, make sure to contact us today to learn more!